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For Business Buyers

The first step in buying a business is evaluating your skills, commitment to owning your own business and your financial capabilities. An advantage of buying an existing business as opposed to starting a new one is that future performance is more predictable - and often it is more cost-effective. You may want to look for a good business that you can improve upon - and make it a great business. If you are indeed ready, willing, and able, the next step is finding the right business opportunity for you.

The best way to find the right business opportunity for you is to work with a professional CVBBA business broker. Business brokers list businesses like real estate brokers list properties. Most professional business brokers are licensed real estate brokers as well, since businesses are sometimes sold along with associated real property.  CVBBA brokers also subscribe to a Code of Ethics.  READ MORE....


For Business Sellers

CVBBA requires its member brokers to adhere to the highest professional standards including, full disclosure, continuing education, and high ethical standards.  Please review our Code Of Ethics.

Following is an article that was prepared by the CVBBA for the purpose of assisting business owners and their advisors in understanding the appropriate role and benefits of utilizing a business intermediary to facilitate the successful ownership transition of a small business.  READ MORE....


Why Business Brokerage?

Many people can go through their entire working life and not know what a business broker is or even what they do. Most jobs are just that - “jobs.” They generally require one to work and report to someone, maintain regular hours, ask for the occasional day off; the pay is just that - the same amount every payday, work hard for the hoped-for promotion, receive a week or two of vacation time and schedule it way ahead of time - the list is endless. And, then to top it off, no job is a sure thing, not in today’s workplace.  READ MORE....