CVBBA Conference

2018 CVBBA Conference – September 26th, 27th, and 28th


Overview of Events (more detailed listing further down)
Wednesday 9/26 – CVBBA Welcoming Reception & Networking Event in Hotel Lobby – 5:30pm (food and beverage courtesy of the CVBBA)
Thursday 9/27 (morning and afternoon) – Educational Courses – 8am-5pm
Thursday 9/27 – Networking Event (Stone Mountain Grill) 5:30pm
Friday 9/28 – Conference – 8:30am-3:30pm (No charge to CVBBA members…Non-Members $150)

SpringHill Suites, Ballantyne | 12325 Johnston Road, Charlotte, NC 28227 | 704-817-1500

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Room Rates:
$169 on Wednesday, September 26th
$119 on Thursday, September 27th

(Please note, when making reservations, both Wednesday and Thursday nights will be charged at $169, the Thursday rate of $119 will be adjusted at check-in. If you are booking only Thursday, it will be charged at $169 and then adjusted to $119 at check-in).  



Conference Agenda

Embracing Change Together

Growing together at this year’s conference is more than just a theme, it’s a conscious decision to not only increase one’s industry knowledge through education but also to share with others the experiences that have brought them to where they are today. Growing together should be a culture we choose to be part of that benefits us all. Whether you have entered the industry 5 months ago or 5 decades ago, the one thing you can count on being consistent is “CHANGE” and this year is no different. Change is happening all around us and the only way to stay ahead of your competition and industry fluctuations is to grow with it. Growth happens through education and the sharing of information which is why this year’s CVBBA Educational conference not only includes high level IBBA course instructors but also 3 industry experts willing to share real life stories and experiences through 3 additional workshops at no additional expense. We’re also honored to have Mr. Matt Bradbury describe how he runs his practice in today’s markets.

Topics will include managing listings, buyers, associates and working with other CVBBA firms. The CVBBA membership has just reached an all-time high which means the level of experience at this year’s conference will be unparalleled, so “Come grow with us” in Charlotte.

Outline of Events September 26-28,2018

Wednesday, September 26th- 5:30PM: CVBBA Welcoming Reception and Networking Event in hotel lobby (food and beverage courtesy of the CVBBA)

Thursday, September 27th- 6:30-8:00AM Breakfast
8:00-5:00PM: Choice of four IBBA 4 hour courses (one hour lunch); See details below for course descriptions.
5:30 PM: Networking Reception at Stone Mountain Grill (sponsored by Carousel Capital)

Friday, September 28th- 6:30-8:00AM Breakfast
7:30-8:30AM: Registration
8:30-3:30PM: Conference (No charge to CVBBA members; Non-Members $150)
- General/Opening Session
- Legislative Update
- Evolving Your Practice- From Engagements to Principal Investments!
- Choice of three top level workshops:
1) 12 Keys to Success For Main Street Business Brokerage
2) Acquisition Financing Changes for 2018
3) 5 Essential Tools to Navigate Transactional Psychosis
- Meet the Sponsors-Speed Dating and Networking
- Personalized Headshots by Right Here Interactive
- Raffle prizes from sponsors throughout the day

Educational Courses

The CVBBA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following IBBA Courses and IBBA Instructors for this year’s conference.

IBBA Courses 206, 224, 108 and 145 will be offered Thursday, September 27th.  

Len Krick, MBA, CBI, M&AMI, President of Sunbelt Business Brokers of Las Vegas will instruct IBBA Courses 206 and 145.

Cress V. Diglio,  CBI, M&AMI, Managing Partner of Calder Associates will instruct IBBA Courses 224 and 108.


Thursday 9/27 Morning Session Thursday 9/27 Afternoon Session
Course 206- Managing the Due Diligence Process Course 108- Overcoming Objections in Listing and Sales Contracts
Course 224- Pricing a Business to Sell Course 145 -Effective Business Packaging

Course Descriptions:

Managing the Due Diligence Process – Len Krick, Instructor

Course #206   CREDIT HOURS: 4

Learn how to take a defined and methodical approach at the due diligence process for transactions, whether large or small, simple or complex. Ascertain whether or not to take a listing and how to increase your chances of successfully closing each transaction. Discuss how to determine if a business is likely to have trouble during due diligence, identify possible impediments to closing, educate the seller and buyer about the process, control and manage the due diligence process and set up appropriate document review and control processes and systems. This course is applicable to Main Street and Middle Market.

Course #101 is a prerequisite. It is recommended that participants have experience with recasting, financial statements and dealing with legal documents.

 (Costs:  IBBA Member-$175; CVBBA Member-$200; Non-Member-$275)

Pricing a Business to Sell - Cress V. Diglio, Instructor

Course #224   CREDIT HOURS: 4 

How do you price a business? Does the size of the business influence the price in relationship to DE or sales? Does pricing it too high hurt your chance of selling it? When you complete this course, you should have additional knowledge to help you price a business properly. Using databases of sold businesses, you will learn the relationships between the size of a business and Multiples of Discretionary Earnings, ROI and how comparable sales data can be used to determine an “opinion of value” for a business. This course will help you learn how to avoid overpricing a business, and how financing and deal structure influences buyers decisions.

It is recommended that you have taken IBBA #101 Introduction to Business Brokerage or IBBA 301Introduction to M&A; IBBA #210 Analyzing and Recasting Financial Statements; and IBBA #220 An Introduction to Pricing Small Businesses.

 (Costs:  IBBA Member-$175; CVBBA Member-$200; Non-Member-$275)

Overcoming Objections in Listing and Sales Contracts – Cress V. Diglio, Instructor

Course #108   CREDIT HOURS: 4

Gain the knowledge and materials to obtain more listings, satisfy seller concerns and get more sales contracts signed. Discuss the four parts to overcoming objections: understanding the objection, anticipating the objection, selling yourself and practicing. This course is geared to new brokers and those who want to improve their ability to overcome objections. Recommended that participants have taken Course #101 or equivalent.

(Costs:  IBBA Member-$175; CVBBA Member-$200; Non-Member-$275)

Effective Business Packaging – Len Krick, Instructor

Course #145   CREDIT HOURS: 4

Would you like to learn how to create the best presentation for your potential buyer? By completing Course 145 you will be able to determine the appropriate presentation type and format to create; identify the content that will pre-answer buyer questions; and organize the content of your presentation in logical order.

Additionally, you will understand the importance of writing to the level of your potential buyer and learn ways to utilize the use of charts, photographs, exhibits, and other tools in order to display a high level of professionalism to your audience.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

(Costs:  IBBA Member-$175; CVBBA Member-$200; Non-Member-$275)

Instructor Bios:

Len Krick, MBA, CBI, M&AMI,  President of Sunbelt Business Brokers of Las Vegas

Len Krick has over 18 years of business brokerage experience. He is a Lifetime Certified Business Intermediary ("CBI") and Lifetime Merger and Acquisition Master Intermediary ("M&AMI"). Len frequently serves as moderator, instructor, and speaker at the International Business Brokers Association ("IBBA") conferences, and has written 18 workshops and three of the IBBA Courses. Len served on IBBA's Board of Directors, Chaired its Education Committee, and served as the Conference Chairman for four conferences. He is the only person to hold both the CBI and M&AMI designations in Nevada, and is one of 24 people to be named "Fellow of the IBBA" since 1982, for his "significant contributions to the business brokerage industry." Mr. Krick is one of 20 people to ever receive the "Tom West" award, for "Enhancing the public image of the business brokerage profession." He is the co-founder of the Nevada Business Brokers Association ("NBBA") and wrote and passed the legislation and Nevada Administrative Code that created the Nevada Business Broker Permit; the only compulsory business brokerage permit in the nation.

Prior to entering the business brokerage industry in 2000, Mr. Krick gained over thirty years experience with both privately held and publicly traded companies, which includes: consulting, negotiating, turnarounds, bond and initial public offerings, operations, development, and business brokerage. He took two companies public on NASDAQ, in 1989 and 2002, and served as the President of those companies. Mr. Krick has exceptional expertise in operational analysis, business planning, and packaging businesses for sale. He also worked for a national CPA firm for three years, and earned his MBA, BS and BA degrees. Somehow, he also raised a family, and has sons 37 and 34 years old.

Cress V. Diglio, CBI, M&AMI,  Managing Partner of Calder Associates

Cress began his career in Business Brokerage in 1999 at the age of 28.  Despite being one of the youngest Brokers in the Industry he was able to achieve immediate success.  Since that time he has been involved in over 500 successful transactions. Cress is currently the Managing Partner at Calder Associates.  Calder Associates is a leading middle-market Mergers and Acquisitions advisory firm.

Cress is well respected in the Business Broker Community. He has been an active member of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) since 2003. Cress is a CBI , M&AMI , a graduate of the IBBA's Train the Trainer and a Certified Instructor teaching classes on franchising, pricing businesses and analyzing and recasting financial statements. Most recently, he wrote IBBA course 119, Surviving and Thriving in Your First Year as a Business Broker. Cress served 4 years as head of the CBI exam and 2 years as the IBBA Education Chair. In 2013 Cress became a Fellow of the IBBA. In 2015 he received the highest honor in his profession when he was named Chairman of the IBBA.  In 2017 Cress was presented with the prestigious IBBA Chair’s Award by the Chairman Lou Vescio.

Cress is active in his local community. He proudly serves on City of Life Foundations Board of Directors. Cress is a founding member of the Citrus Club's Young Executive Board. His influence on the Board led to the formation of the Philanthropy Committee. Cress is a co-founder of The Diamonds are Forever Casino Night Extravaganza benefiting Central Florida charities. Cress served on the Citrus Club's Board of Governors for six years. In 2009 Cress was recognized by the Orlando Business Journal as one of Orlando’s top 40 under forty.

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