January 2018

To all CVBBA Members – Happy New Year!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed at least a few days out of the office.

As my first order of business in 2018 I want to thank each and every member that has served in some capacity over the years on either the CVBBA board or in any position at all, I truly recognize and appreciate what each of you have contributed to this great organization.

Next I would like to thank our current membership as without each of you, we would have no organization at all. Your conference attendance and input through the years has been invaluable in creating what we enjoy today. Our membership is at an all-time high and momentum continues to build as our economy improves.

For those of you who don’t know me, a little about myself. I have been in the industry for over 20 years serving only business brokers nationwide. I have lived the ups and downs and the good times and bad, alongside of you. I have made so many dreams become reality and lost deals at the closing table. I get it!

For those not familiar with my philosophy, I truly promote education and the sharing of knowledge for the good of the industry. As we work through 2018 my commitment is to continue providing a higher level of education along with the sharing of information between brokers, sponsors and industry experts. The industry outlook is excellent and staying ahead of the curve is our mission. To achieve this we welcome the following board members for 2018: Mr. Stephen Minnich, Mr. Joe Santora, Mr. Neal Isaacs and Mr. Adam Petricoff. Thank you gentlemen for sharing your time and talents through these next 12 months, we all appreciate it. I want to also recognize Ms. Stacey Heller- McDermott, our new administrator who has replaced the departing Judy Meinecke. Judy has been serving as our administrator for the past 10 years and has been instrumental in our growth throughout the decade. Judy has organized the CVBBA into what it is today and for that we all thank her for these many years of service and wish her the best during her retirement.

This year please watch for any correspondence (yes that includes dues invoices) from Ms. Stacey as we very much appreciate your membership and participation. We also plan to be updating our members quarterly with current news and other broker information from around the country.

I am honored to serve as your president for 2018 and look forward to finalizing our conference dates and getting those out to all as soon as possible. By working together we all have a chance to grow, prosper and continue raising the bar in our industry. Watch for my next email as our board meets the end of this month to focus on 2018 and I report back.

In your service,

Steve Mariani
Diamond Financial Services
2018 CVBBA President