ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY: Provides you with access to more and better tools of the trade, best practices, and expert advice on everything from technology to comparable databases.

EFFECTIVE NETWORKING: Through the power of networking, you can rely on a broader base of brokers, working under the same code of ethics and similar motivations.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: The association sponsors and hosts both IBBA and non-IBBA training to help members build their knowledge base, work towards and maintain their CBI designation, and keep up with the changing times and challenges of our industry.

VALUE: Increase your marketing dollars by having an additional source of exposure for the services of your company, both regionally and nationally.


Most Popular Benefit: CVBBA Annual Conference

The four goals of our association, listed on our website and in our By-Laws, are to:

1) Maximize and enhance public awareness of the business transition profession and association members.

2) Promote the professional development of members through educational opportunities and networking.

3) Support an efficient market for the transfer of business ownership.

4) Develop and encourage a code of ethics among its members to set high standards of conduct and professionalism.

All four of these goals are fulfilled each year at the CVBBA Annual Conference. This two-day conference enables our members to enjoy four major benefits:

1) Enhanced Productivity: As with all our conferences, we’ll have special sessions to talk about ways to improve productivity with member benefits such as: Private Equity Info, Go2Meeting, Caplinked, Deal Sense, PeerComps, and discounted IBBA courses. And while talking one-on-one with other members, you’ll learn what others are doing to increase their own productivity and effectiveness.

2) Effective Networking: In addition to meeting other CVBBA members during the breaks between classes, presentations, and association business sessions, a special reception for networking is planned the first evening of the conference. Many members report that networking with other members has been as valuable to their careers as taking professional education classes.

3) Continuing Education: The most cost-effective way to take professional education class is probably right at our annual conference. The association offers IBBA training seminars (at a discounted rate) intended to help seasoned professionals, and the newer members, keep up with the changing times and challenges of our industry. Not only will you learn about specific areas important to growing your business and serving your clients better, but you can also take courses focused toward earning your professional certification.

4) Value: As with all our conferences, we’ll have special sessions to learn about issues impacting our profession (i.e. CVBBA’s role in the recently introduced SEC Licensing legislation), and our association (i.e. IBBA chapter affiliation issues, Code of Ethics, CVBBA Regional Meetings, PowerPoint Presentation for local universities, and our quarterly Newsletter).

CVBBA Members, for more information on the details of benefits and how to access, please login to the “Members Log In” section on this CVBBA website.

Additional Member Benefits

A CVBBA membership provides lower-cost training, networking with fellow brokers and access to local professionals [e.g. attorneys, CPA’s bankers, wealth managers, etc.]. Below are additional benefits offered to you with your CVBBA membership.

(A Free Benefit to CVBBA members…to purchase separately, monthly charges would range from $19 - $49 a month) You can launch meetings quickly from a variety of locations including Microsoft office, email and instant-messaging tools. Included are web audio, screen sharing 1-click meetings, dial in conference line, HD video conferencing, drawing tools, recording, personal meeting room, mobile apps, keyboard & mouse sharing and call me.

Private Equity Info
(A Free Benefit to CVBBA members…to purchase separately, this would cost you $195 for 3 months or $1320 for 12 months)
Private Equity Info provides a comprehensive directory of private equity firms, including their contact information, acquisition criteria, industries of investment interests, portfolio companies and professional biographies.

Intelligent and easy-to-use tools to help you share files with confidence.
CVBBA members get access to an optional secure data room benefit through Caplinked. A master account allows members to run their client projects in secure data rooms and use various permissions and security features so that clients and their respective advisors get access to due diligence information seamlessly. The Caplinked deal room benefit includes watermarking and on/off secure file sharing.

For non CVBBA members your cost would be:
6 month term
1 workspace
$1,250 for 500 MB
$500 for each additional 500 MB
Extension term: $105 per 500 MB per month

DealSense Plus
(Savings of $300 for CVBBA members…DealSense Plus regular price $1,295, CVBBA Members $995)
A business valuation and deal analysis software for diligent business buyers, I-Bankers, M&A Specialists and Advisory Professionals.

PeerComps Comparable Database
(Savings of 20% for CVBBA members… normally $350 for unlimited comps ($280 with discount) or $600 for comps and valuation calculator ($480 with discount).
Contact Lori Mize, Director at 813-922-2800 ext 3
We tap into our unrivaled comparable database to help our subscribers obtain an accurate and reliable business valuation in 15 minutes or less. Our database and small business valuation calculator focus on “main street” businesses with annual revenues between $250,000 and $5 million (average revenue of $1 million). Data source is SBA transactions, entered by lenders and appraisers.